Mobile Marketing

And Development

Consumers increasingly rely on the mobile web for research and discovery, which makes it more important than ever for companies to have an effective mobile presence.
But what makes a good mobile site?

Mobile Homepage Key Points

A desktop homepage often serves as a welcome page, messaging center and promotional space all in one, but the mobile homepage should focus on connecting users to the content they’re looking for.

Speed should always be top of mind with mobile websites. We recommends these four principles for building a mobile homepage that quickly gets users what they need.

  • Keep calls to action front and center
  • Keep menus short and sweet
  • Make it easy to get back to the home page
  • Don’t let promotions steal the show
Mobile Forms and Lead Capture

Whether it’s making a purchase, getting a quote or joining an email list, your user’s conversion experience should be as seamless as possible. We recommend the following to help provide the best user experience at this critical moment before a conversion.

  • Design efficient and simple forms
  • Streamline the information entry fields
  • Provide visual calendars for dates
  • Provide real time validation of forms
Overall Mobile Design

Mobile users will notice and be delighted by the small
things you do for them to enhance their experience.

  • Optimize your entire site for mobile
  • Don’t make users pinch-to-zoom
  • Create tappable and expandable images
  • Tell users which screen orientations works best
  • Keep your user in a single browser window