Google Analytics

To measure is to know — if you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it.
– Lord Kelvin

Understanding Google Analytics is the key to running a successful internet advertising campaign.

A low-performing website will starve your return on investment and damage your brand. With the right analytics data, SearchKings can explain why your website is performing poorly and help you return it to profitability.

Our consultants utilize advanced analytics software to gather information about what is happening on your website. Our standard analytics package includes weekly Google dashboard reports that clearly explain Paid Visits, Phone Calls, Conversion Rates, Keywords, and Google Ads Spend.

So you think you know Google Analytics?

See how many of these you can answer.

Is your Google Ads account connected to
your Analytics account?
Do you have any Goals set up?
Is your bounce rate high?
How many people searching for your business
are on a mobile device?
What is your mobile bounce rate?
What is your mobile bounce rate by campaign?
What time of day do you get your most valuable visits?
When was the last time you used
Multi-Channel Funnels?

Can you create a custom conversion report for New vs. Repeat visitors from the search
campaign over the last 30 days, and then compare that to the same time last year?

If you can do this, give us a call...maybe you should work here!