Gold plan


Choose up to 4 of the following campaigns for a low monthly management fee of $250

1  Branding

Search Ads

Show “company-branded” Google Ads when customers are searching for your business.

You probably already rank organically when someone is searching for your company. However, many HVAC companies have similar names, and if your competitors are savvy, it is possible that they are already bidding on your brand name. Bidding on branded terms helps you dominate your search engine results page and allows you to craft a message to reflect current promotions and entice visits to your site.

Recommended spend: $300-750/month

2  Branded Remarketing

Display Ads

Effective online advertising that allows your company to target ads to customers who have previously visited your website.

These ads will appear in traditional advertising spaces as your customers browse websites on Google’s Content Network. Now you can engage with website visitors and offer highly relevant ads to make sure your brand is top of mind when they’re ready to buy. This is also a great way to remind customers about your current incentives and promotions.

*Banner ads required - 1 set of ads $500 | 3 sets $1000

Recommended spend: $200-750/month

3  Service/Maintenance Plan

Display Ads

Sell more service plans with custom, targeted ads.

Leverage your remarketing audience to sell more service or maintenance plans to your existing customer base. Generate recurring revenue and retain more customers.

*Banner ads required - 1 set of ads $500 | 3 sets $1000

Recommended spend: $200-$750/month

4  Finance Program

Display Ads

Lead with a low monthly payment to win more jobs.

Sell more HVAC systems by educating customers about your financing options. Let your customers know that you offer monthly payments, competitive interest rates, and flexible terms.

*Banner ads required - 1 set of ads $500 | 3 sets $1000

Recommended spend: $200-750/month

5  Hiring

Search and Display Ads

Get found when techs are looking for work.

Looking for techs? We can help! 79% of job hunters will start their search online. We will make sure they find you! We will also use custom banner ads to show “we are hiring” ads to people who are interested in your business.

*Banner ads required - 1 set of ads $500 | 3 sets $1000

Recommended spend: $500-1000/month

6  Poaching

Search Ads

Win new customers by showing ads when people are searching for local competitors.

Poaching campaigns are best used to show ads to consumers who search for a brand that could be classified as a household name. Very large competitors or franchises are a good place to start. The idea is to bid on the competitor company name as a keyword so they find you instead.

Recommended spend: $500-750/month

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