Wineonline Marketing Company Ltd is Canada's leading online wine store. It was launched in 2004 with the goal of making quality wines more accessible to wine lovers. Wineonline delivers an outstanding selection of wines straight to consumer’s doors.

The Opportunity

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, consumer behavior changed drastically for the food and beverage industry. Consumers now prefer to purchase their favorite drinks online (if possible) rather than going out to the liquor store. This presented the opportunity for WineOnline to offer a safer and more affordable solution for wine lovers.

Given the increase in demand for online wine shopping, Wineonline needed to ensure a robust strategy in order to put up with demand while maintaining ROAS.

Promotional messaging also needed to be updated based on external factors (pandemic development, safe online purchasing, seasonal promotions, etc).

The Goals

Leverage the influx in online wine delivery demand

Strategically increase investment by 3X+

Traffic segmentation

Adjust ad copy based on seasonality and external factors

The Approach

Campaign Categories

Segmenting campaigns by buying funnel allowed us to allocate our budget more effectively.

  • Awareness

    Video, Display

  • Purchase-Intent

    Search (buy wine online, wine delivery, valpolicella ripasso), Shopping

  • Repeat Customers

    Display Remarketing, Dynamic Remarketing, Video

  • Seasonal

    Search (wine gifts, holiday wines)

Budget Allocation

When the pandemic outbreak occurred in March 2020, the budget was increased by 300%.

During the holiday season (and lockdown) the budget was increased by 800%.

Ad Copy Revamp

  • Convenient and Accessible

    You can buy cases and have them delivered to your door

  • Safe

    Due to the pandemic, it’s much safer to get it delivered than going out to the store

  • Promote the New App

    Faster and simpler way to shop

revamp copy phone

The Results