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The issue

The owner of several Neighborly franchise businesses in a competitive market within the United States was looking for a way to optimize his marketing based on the performance of each line of business as well as marketing channel.

The goals

15-20% YoY growth

By identifying the most profitable opportunities

Calculate ROI

To optimize performance for each business

Streamline Marketing Efforts

To gain efficiencies across marketing channels

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The approach

  • Evaluated the quality of the lead by marketing effort by source and marketing channel, and redistributed budget based on most profitable channels.
  • Applied Call Intelligence, a proprietary SearchKings software, to campaigns to identify and optimize for the leads with the most potential for legitimate revenue.
  • Through our Call Intelligence software, used specific key terms to create real-time notifications for the highest opportunity leads.

The results

ROI Insights

Using our Call Intelligence software, we identified the cost per legitimate revenue opportunity by source. Source being marketing channels such as Google Ads, Yelp, and more.

Strategic Growth

Registration of business locations with Google Business Profiles to expand ability to geotarget advertising through Google Local Services.

Added Visibility

Our Reporting App software provided a single line of view into the performance and potential value of all incoming calls at a glance.

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