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The Issue

The Franchisor was looking to provide a complete online marketing solution for 25 franchisees across Ontario.

The Goals

  • Establish a dominant position on Google for all “water damage restoration” related keywords searches.
  • Generate a large volume of leads while maintaining a positive ROI in each local market.
  • Scalability to facilitate rapid growth.

The Approach

  • ‘Click to Call’ ads for high-urgency keywords
  • Conversion Optimized Mobile Site for all franchisees.

Fully Scalable website solution, maintaining branding standards across the network with localized sub domains for each franchisee.

Optimize for ROI
  • Segmenting traffic to customize bidding solutions for different services.
  • Split test ad copy to isolate top performing ad copy.
  • Provide the power to activate new franchisees with speed and attention to detail.
  • Custom marketing campaigns for each Franchisee.

The Results

23% mobile conversion rate

After 60 days of optimization, conversion rate exceeded customer’s expectations by 40% - Franchisor now confident enough to have a limitless budget for Google AdWords.

They always see their ads online, and we are very pleased with the results!
Eric Simtob, Franchisor of Restoration 1